Enjoy Mosquito Free Monsoon

The monsoon season is probably one of the most awaited seasons in a city like Delhi, as it brings with it a welcome breath of fresh air and some respite from the extreme temperatures. While existing research suggests that mosquitoes do have a weakness for the O positive blood group, it doesn’t mean these feisty females skip the rest. (Fun Fact: Only female mosquitoes bite because they need human blood to develop fertile eggs.) Moreover, mosquito bites can cause malaria and dengue, making it all the more important to maintain long distance relationships with them.

Here are a few tips to enjoy a mosquito-free monsoon.

Prevent that by not allowing stagnant water near your house/residential colony. But when going outdoors you can’t really do anything about the existing puddles, so ensure that you apply the Runbugz anti-mosquito Lotion. It is a safe and effective guard against mosquito bites, containing allnatural ingredients making it perfect for children to use indoor or while they are outdoor camping with friends. It is non-toxic and Deet free and can be used by the whole family.

Use mosquito nets. Since restricting kids to closed netted spaces seems like a shame if not an impossibility, the eye-catching Run Bugz mosquito repellantbands or patches, which are suitable for both boys and girls, are a blessing in disguise.

Fumigate your home with citronella oil, camphor, clove or neem leaves; they are effective mosquito repellents. Make use of the RunBugz Floor Cleaner which is 100% herbal, non-toxic and incorporates the essence of citronella oil.The advantages of this combination of floor cleaner and citronella are that it keeps both insects and mosquitoes away apart from emitting a nice fragrance. Each bottle of our 250ml concentrated Run Bugz Floor cleaner is equivalent to 6 litres of regular floor cleaners.

If your child is bitten, apply aloe vera juice (from a plant) on the affected area. The gel from the plant helps relieve the itchiness. Or you can nip the problem at its bud by choosing from the Run Bugz Quiver- a complete range that’s tough on mosquitoes.

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