Mosquito Repellents That Are Safe for Babies

Mosquitoes are one of the most deadly and dangerous creatures in the world. Who would have thought that a tiny bug can bring such life-threatening diseases? According to the AMCA(American Mosquito Control Association), there are approximately 400 million cases of malaria recorded annually. It is important to pay attention to anyone with a weak immune system- elderly and especially kids. 

Babies’ immune systems are not fully developed to fight against mosquito-borne diseases. They are also not fully able to defend themselves from the constant assault from mosquitoes and flies. There are many types of repellents available in the market that can be used to combat this situation for your kids. The easiest way to protect your child is by covering his/ her exposed skin with long sleeves and pants. Also, try to avoid lotions and perfumes because the scents attract these tiny creatures while increasing the chances of mosquito-borne diseases. 

We recommend using a repellent containing active ingredients like DEET or Picaridin because they seem to be most effective at preventing mosquito or insect bites on both adults and children. Deet and Picaridin are two repellents that are readily available and are proven to work exceptionally well at repelling insects.


DEET (chemical name N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) is used as the active ingredient in many mosquito repellents and gives you the best protection against them. As long as the DEET concentration is less than 30%, it is safe to use for babies and children. Please do not mix any sunscreen with the repellent because you should not be reapplying it again and again as sunscreen. Repellents can be used during pregnancy as it will not affect the health of your baby.

When repellents have a higher concentration of DEET, they will repel mosquito biting for longer. All of the below-mentioned concentrations are 100% safe to use on babies. Higher concentrations will have a longer repelling effect but any concentration above 50% provides no added protection.

  • 6.65% DEET provides about 2 hours of protection
  • 20% DEET provides about 4 hours of protection
  • 23.8% DEET provides about 5 hours of protection

Picardin (KBR3023)

Picardin is considered to be less irritating than DEET and can provide more protection. One of the best things about this repellent is that they are odourless and feels lighter on the skin. Here is a list of concentrations of picaridin and how long it will protect before a reapplication is necessary.

  • 7% Picaridin provides about 3 to 4 hours of protection
  • 15% Picaridin provides about 6 to 8 hours of protection

Mosquito Repellent Patch

The best way to protect your children from mosquitoes without lathering up with lotion is by using repellent patches. They are easy to apply and are highly efficient. All you have to do is peel them off the packaging and apply them on the outside of your kid’s clothes. These patches provide up to 24 hours of protection! 

Hopefully, these tips and information on products will help you keep your family safe from all the incredibly dangerous insects and be able to enjoy the outdoors.

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