Mosquito Repellent Patch

The RunBugz Mosquito patch is a coin-shaped patch that parents can stick on their children’s clothes to protect them against mosquito bites. The patch releases a powerful scent – a mixture of citronella, eucalyptus, and lemon oil — to repel mosquitoes.

The patch is good for upto 24 hours and the scent does not disappear even with excessive sweating or during rain. RunBugz patches are completely DEET-free and non-toxic and do not use any harmful chemicals. They are completely safe for children and babies.

Just stick them anythere on the clothing of the children, and in case of babies and infants, stick them at the back so that they are not accessible. The product has been introduced in plain colours as well as in highly attractive printed designs such as smileys and animal cartoons.

How to Use the best Mosquito Patch?

  1. Peel off patch and attach on clothing or any nearby object like strollers,walkers and bags
  2. Store remaining patches in the resealable bag for future use.
  3. Do not apply directly on skin. This is not a toy, use with adult supervision.
  4. Wash hands after use.
  5. Do not expose patches to direct sunlight.