Mosquito Roll ON

Mosquito Repellent Roll-On

Convenient to carry, safe for children and easy to apply – this is whyRunBugz has introduced Mosquito Repellent roll-on using 100% natural ingredients. The power of Citronella is now in your hands.

A Force of Nature

With active ingredients like Citronella essence oil, the roll-on can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is DEET free thus making it safe to use by everyone at your home.

How to Use RunBugz Fabric Roll ON?

  • For best results, apply 4 coin shaped dots of the roll-on on your sleeves and bottoms close to exposed skin.


Do not apply on skin. To be applied only on your clothing as per instructions. This is not a toy, use with adult supervision. Do not expose to direct sunlight.